Son takes up father’s poaching business

Chitwan, August 13:

A man, who had been killing rhinos and selling their hide for the past three years, has said he took up the business to free his father, Rana B Kumal, who has been jailed for the same crime. Rajkumar Kumal, 19, of Padampur VDC-9 who was arrested along with two others on August 6 said he started hunting down rhinos and selling their hide to post his father’s bail amount set by the Chitwan National Park after he was arrested for poaching. Kumal has admitted that he had been in the business for the past three years and had killed four rhinos during that time. He said he received Rs 50 thousand for a rhino. Somlal Chaudhari, 31, of Padampur-3, who was also arrested with Kumal said he was involved in the business for the past eight years and that he is regretting it now. Another of the arrested, Lal Bahadur Kumal, said he has now realised that their crime is unpardonable.