Sorry saga of a conflict-hit woman:Family members expel her, claim relief provided by govt

Dharan, March 16:

Byanu Maya Kunwar (33) of Haripur-2 in Sunsari district has been compelled to face a difficult ordeal after her family expelled her from home, following the killing of her husband two years ago.

Family members expelled Byanu accusing that she was involved in her husband’s killing.

Cadres of Madhesi Tigers had killed her husband Tek Bahadur after abduction on July 22, 2007. Along with Byanu, 58 households in Haripur were forced to migrate to Bange in Sunsari following Tek Bahadur’s murder.

A helpless Byanu also said the compensation provided by the government was also claimed by her brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law. Her younger sister-in-law claimed Rs 3 lakh while two brothers-in-law claimed Rs 54,000.

“When I demanded for the compensation provided by the government, they misbehaved with me, accusing me of trying to get remarried,” Byanu, who has been making her living by working as a daily wage worker at Bange, said.

A gang of 10 persons had abducted Tek Bahadur, who was involved in cattle trade, from his house and killed him some 500 metres away from the home.

“My husband had started sleeping in a neighbour’s house after receiving threats from the Madhesi Tigers,” Byanu, a mother of three kids, said, adding, “I heard the news about his death on a radio.”

After hearing about her husband death, she started searching for his body. The body was found at the police office in Rajbiraj after two days.

Byanu regretted that the local administration was doing nothing even though the people involved in killing her husband had been roaming freely. She also demanded the government to take stern action against the killers and declare her husband a martyr.