SOS takes in four orphans of Bajura

Bajura, March 14

SOS Balgram, Lumbini has decided to take guardianship of four children, who were rendered parentless at Jagannath Rural Municipality in Bajura.

Assistant Director Govinda Dhakal at SOS, Lumbini said SOS took the decision after The Himalayan Times published a story about the children on December 31.

A team comprising SOS Balgram, Dhangadi Director Padam Hamal, SOS Balgram, Lumbini Assistant Director Govinda Dhakal and Laxman Bhandari, who had visited the children’s house, had found the children living in pathetic condition.

Pulti Rawal, 35, mother of the children, who had given birth to a baby boy on November 26 died six hours later. The new born is alive. Sunita Rawal, 9, Nisha Rawal, 7, Paras Rawal, 4, and a three-month-old baby were rendered helpless following Pulti’s death.

Relatives of the children said their father Ambar Rawal was mentally ill and he left home after Pulti’s death.

The children had been living with their relatives.