SPA leaders urge people to help conduct free, fair assembly election

Dhangadhi, January 24:

Leaders of the seven party alliance(SPA)today urged people of the far-western region to work for the successful holding of the April 10 Constituent Assembly polls .

They made this appeal during a joint mass meet organised by the SPA at the Open Theatre in Dhangadhi today.

Addressing the meeting, Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ said the April 10 CA polls is part of a revolution and stressed on the need to form a front of pro-nationalists and pro-federal republicans.

He said, “Nothing is impossible if leaders and people work in favour of the polls in unison .” Some foreign forces are active in the nation, to scupper the CA polls , he said. Former Home Minister and NC leader Purna Bahadur Khadka said all the agreements reached among the seven parties should be implemented. He said the seven parties should convince the public that the polls would be held on time. Khadka and chairman of Samyukta Bam Morcha CP Mainali, said that the Maoists should return the properties they had seized.

Minster for Foreign Affairs Sahana Pradhan said, “The seven party unity should remain intact. If so, people will be convinced that the polls will be held.”

She said the far-western region is lagging behind due to the centralised system, adding, “The problem would be solved once the federal democratic republic is established.”

Janamorcha Nepal vice chairman Lilamani Pokhrel said the seven parties are going ahead as per the sentiment of Jana Andolan II. He blamed the king for hatching a conspiracy to foil the polls. Pokhrel was also of the view that there is an infiltration of disruptive elements in Madhes . NSP-A spokesperson Sarita Giri said a group is attempting to split the Seven Party Alliance. “First, the group divided the NSP-A and now it is trying to divide the SPA.”