Chitwan, December 14:

Speaker Subas Nembang today said that the constituent assembly (CA) polls could be held as

per the provision in the Interim Constitution even if there is no political agreement.

He said this while speaking at a press meet organised by the Chitwan chapter of Press Chautari Nepal.

“Despite the delay, I am hopeful that all political parties will reach an agreement over the issue of republic,” he said.

While hailing the need for unity of the seven parties, Speaker Nembang called for inclusion of the parties, which are not in the parliament, to unite for solving the problems facing the people nationwide.

He said he is hopeful that the meeting of parliament, which will start at 4 pm tomorrow, will solve all the contentious issues.

Inaugurating the Agriculture Fair 2064 in Narayangarh, Nembang said that the CA poll is necessary to internalise the values of Jana Andolan II. He said that the transitional phase in the country should end at the earliest.