Speaker urges parties to unite for Constitution implementation

SINDHULIMADI: Speaker at the Legislature Parliament Onsari Gharti Magar said that there was no  alternative for political parties to working together for the Constitution implementation, which, according to her, was prepared by the representatives of people.

Inaugurating the 46th general convention of Nepal Red Cross Society in Sindhuli, the Speaker added that the Constitution paved the way to peace and prosperity of the nation.

She went on further that the local level elections slated for May 14 should be held on time and the Constitution also mandated for holding provincial and federal elections by January 21, 2018.

"After addressing the demands of the disgruntled Madhes-centric parties before the local level elections as well as thereafter, whichever is feasible, I am confident that they will be in unison," stated the Speaker.

However, reminding that many wars in the world were fought for the sake of humanity, the Speaker also boasted that the decade-long Maoist insurgency was for the sake of humanity.

She also stressed the transparency and impartiality of the activities of Red Cross following the international practices.