Speaker will be finalised within days, says DPM Pokhrel

Pokhara, January 9

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Ishwor Pokhrel today said that the speaker of House of Representatives would be finalised within three to four days.

Speaking at a press meet organised in Pokhara today, DPM Pokhrel said that the best among the best would be selected as speaker to operate the parliament smoothly. “There is no dispute in relation to selection of speaker and it will be wrong to assume that selection of speaker was delayed due to dispute between two chairs of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP),” he added.

DPM Pokhrel said that the government’s works could not move ahead effectively due to lack of effective implementation of the law and policy. “The government has to show its effective work in the three levels of government after making the laws soon,” he said.

Speaking on Nepal-India border issue, DPM Pokhrel said that Nepal would not leave even an inch of land to India and wouldn’t take an inch of land from India. “Our border will be where it was as per the historical evidences,” he said. The DPM said that diplomatic notes with the claim had been formally sent to India and India had agreed to sit for talks. “We will sit for talks after India fixes the date,” he informed. DPM Pokhrel said that the government would move ahead with the common proposal of the political parties of the country. He said that the confusion would end with agreement between the two countries.

On the different note, DPM Pokhrel said the government would allow operation of health, tourism, education, and entrepreneurial ventures in the land of Nepal Trust as per the law. He said the provision was made by the former government and the present government would move accordingly.

Addressing party cadres in Pokhara, Kaski, today, DPM Pokhrel said that two big parties had become one and it was necessary to move ahead without confusion.