Speakers air grievances

POKHARA. July 18

Kaski locals have voiced their discontent over the draft constitution, saying it is incomplete and anti-people.

At an interaction organised by Constitution Information Centre in Pokhara to collect public suggestions on the draft statute, participants aired their grievances on the draft.

Leaders and senior citizens aligned to ethnic communities said that a constitution drafted by avoiding federalist and identity-seeking forces will not be acceptable to them. Sundar Gurung warned that if the constitution is promulgated based on the current draft, the ethnic communities would be forced to struggle again for people’s constitution. “We were expecting an inclusive constitution, but the draft statute has bypassed the agendas of ethnic groups, Madhesis, Dalits, and women,” he said.

Thakali Service Committee Chairman Ammar Tulachan said an attempt to promulgate statute without demarcation and names of the provinces was being made and the move was against the spirit of federalism. Bhim Shrish Magar said the new constitution being written based on the 16-point deal was not acceptable to them. “The new statute must represent feelings of all Nepali people,” Magar said.

Single woman Durga KC said that the draft had not incorporated all five types of single women. She alleged that the draft had curtained rights of single women.

Similarly, woman leader Sarita Thapa sought 50 per cent representation of women in all state organs in the new constitution. CPN-Maoist leader Hari Prasad Neupane warned that statute drafted against the spirit of people’s movement, people’s war, and Madhes movement would invite further conflict in the country. “We will not accept an anti-national and anti-people constitution,” he said.