Special plan for staffers in Karnali Province

Surkhet, August 28

Karnali Province is working on a plan to attract civil servants after only a few number of them chose to be adjusted in the province under civil servant adjustment programme.

Having failed to spend its budget in the last fiscal, the provincial government had decided to declare an incentive package for civil servants opting to work in the province, in its budget for fiscal 2019-2010. As per its declaration, a three-member committee has been formed under the coordination of Minister of Financial Affairs and Planning of the province, Prakash Jwala.

“The committee has been discussing measures to attract more civil servants here,” said committee Member-secretary Santa Bahadur Sunar. “We’re submitting our policies to the Council of Ministers soon. Once it is ratified by the Cabinet, it will be implemented,” he added.

“Besides facilities to staffers that may include free health check-up and leave provisions, the province will also focus on social security of the employees. We’re also holding discussions with civil servants in this regard,” Sunar said.

Though as many as 1,993 employees were allocated for Karnali Province during employee adjustment programme, only 1,334 of them had chosen to work in the province. Of those who had expressed their interest to be adjusted in the province, 257 staffers are yet to report to their work stations.

Mostly, the province has witnessed lack of technical staffers in the field of health and engineering. Provincial government spokesperson and provincial minister of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives Bimala KC hoped that the new incentive package would lure more civil servants to work in Karnali.