Special vaccination campaign kicks off in Dhading

DHADING: A special vaccination campaign against measles-rubella has started in Dhading district following the death of two children by measles recently.

District health authorities have started vaccinating children in various locations of Benighat Rorang and Gajuri Rural Municipalities.

As many as 97 vaccination centres have been established in Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality including Kunchurung, Baskharka, Simtar, Jarun, Brumdi, Gyawatol, Lawang, Chimwang, Namjing, Upper Orwang, Lower Orwang, Tinkanya Primary School, Tinkanya Bageshwori Primary School, Salangghat Health Centre, Bageshwori Secondary School, Highway Hospital, and Bright Future Boarding School.

Likewise, 73 locations have been designated as vaccination centres in Gajuri Rural Municipality including Malekhu, Bhakali, Champarang, Kiranchok Secondary School, Seti Devi Primary School, Ritthabote Primary School.

During the campaign, children aged from six months to 15 years will be vaccinated against measles and rubella along with being given a dose of Vitamin A and anti-worm medicine.

The drive, which was launched in coordination with Nepal Government, Provincial Government and related local levels, will last till May 4 in Benighat Rorang and May 5 in Gajuri.

The campaign expects to immunise nearly 22,000 children -- 8,900 children in Gajuri and 13,000 children Benighat Rorang, informed District Health Office, Dhading.

Earlier, two children died of measles while many children are showing symptoms of the disease in the two local levels during the lockdown period, informed Shyam Pokhrel, immunisation officer at Dhading Health Office.