SPECT-CT machine installed at CMC


An advanced SPECT-CT machine has been installed in Chitwan Medical College.

With installation of the SPECT-CT machine, the hospital will provide advanced and special service under nuclear medicine service.

Chitwan Medical College has brought the new machine.

Chairman of the medical college Dr Harish Chandra Neupane said the German-made machine had been brought to the college for the first time in the country.

He said the new model that cost Rs nine crore was installed in the hospital. Dr Neupane added that patients from across the country, including Kathmandu would come to the health facility for treatment.

He said around Rs 14 crore had been spent on installing the machine.

Nuclear Medicine Department Chief of the college Dr Jiban Poudel said the machine would help to detect the problems related to the heart, thyroid, lungs, kidneys, liver and bone, among others.

Dr Poudel said Chitwan Medical College would treat thyroid problems and cancer.

He added that the SPECT machine would give the information about how the organs work inside the body.