State funds being misused: KC

Biratnagar, February 3:

Nepali Congress spokesperson Arjun Narasingh KC today blamed the government of misusing state funds by providing one million rupees each to Members of Parliament.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Morang chapter of Nepal Press Union, he said: “The present parliament was formed on the basis of agreements and the MPs should not have misused state funds. I am against the decision to disburse funds to the MPs,” he said.

On the recent meeting of NC leaders in Pokhara, KC said it is a tradition in the NC to have diversity in thoughts and ideologies.

Irrespective of comments from the party leaders, the NC has been going ahead as per the decisions of the 11th convention of the party, he said.

While stressing the need to improve the security situation keeping in view the April 10 CA polls, KC said there was no need to deploy Nepal Army for the purpose.

Formation of a new Nepal is impossible without solving the problems in the Tarai region, he said. It is impossible to take a decision over the demand of federalism as defined by the Madhesis before the CA polls, he said. He said the Maoist announcement of their party chairman Prachanda as a candidate for president of the country is irrelevant in the present context and that the issue should be discussed after polls.