State structure plan riles Chhetris

TEHRATHUM: Khas Chhetri Unity Society (KCUS) has said the 14-state restructuring plan proposed by the Constituent Assembly committee was not acceptable for the outfit.

Stating that the State Restructuring Committee had worked out the states without a careful consideration, Yubaraj Karki, KCUS central chairman, said, ‘’A commission of experts should

be formed to work out the state structuring.”

Addressing the first district convention of the Society

in Myanglung, the district headquarters of Terhathum, today, Karki said the area

west of the Trishuli river should be declared a Khas state on the historical ground. He warned of agitation if the region, dominated by the Chhetri population, was not declared a Khas state.

Karki claimed that the harmony among different ethnic groups would strengthen if the states were carved on ethnic grounds. “We express our

solidarity with the demands

of the Limbuwan and Khambuwan activists since they are just,” he said, demanding reservation for members of the Chhetri community in every state organ.

The convention elected a 35-member district committee under the leadership of Narayan Prasad Dangi.

Brahmins to protest too

POKHARA: Protesting the proposal of the State Restructuring Committee of the Constituent Assembly

to form 14 states on

ethnic grounds, National Brahmin Society (NBS)

Kaski demonstrated in Pokhara today prior to

holding a convention.

The Society took a rally round the lake city and converged into a corner meet at Chipledhunga. People of all age groups had participated in the rally.

Addressing the function, NBS chairman Narayan Adhikari said the harmony existing among communities should not be jeopardised for political gains.

Opining that the proposed federal structure would threaten the country’s integrity, he said the people wanted nationality and unity, not ethnic states.

Stating that a ruler should unite the countrymen and not divide them, Adhikari said no one should be made second-class citizens in the country and capable persons should be allowed to realise their potential. “I warn all not to encroach on the rights of the Brahmins,” he remarked.

Opining that the government should introduce

programmes to eliminate poverty and unemployment, he stressed that

rights of one community should not be infringed upon while empowering other communities.

Shree Prasad Bastola, coordinator, Youth Mobilisation Committee, accused political parties of causing an ethnic imbalance for their political gains.

He threatened to launch a protest if the state carve-out proposal was not revised at the earliest.