‘State suppressed peaceful movement’

Kathmandu, August 25

Tharuhat-Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee (TJSC) today said the state suppressed their peaceful movement leading to violence.

Addressing a press meet organised by the TJSC here today, coordinator of the committee Dhaniram Chaudhary clarified that the TJSC was for timely constitution after meaningful dialogue.

Terming the Tikapur incident condemnable, he claimed that state committed violence by suppressing a peaceful movement. He further claimed that the state has been plotting to keep their demands in the shadow by suppressing the ongoing movements. “The state should take all the responsibility for any untoward incident,” he said, adding that the government should not provoke people against social harmony. The TJSC also stated that they would think of talks if government gives a call for dialogue in writing.

Chaudhary said the government should create environment for talks with a commitment to withdraw fake cases against those arrested and declare those who died during the struggle martyrs.

He further said the incidents of burning houses during curfew have proved that the state wanted to launch terror against Tharus and therefore they planted yesterday’s incident at Tikapur. During the press meet, the TJSC announced further protest plan. Chaudhary said on August 29 they would organise protest meeting at Tharuhat and a torch rally while continuing the ongoing general strike till September 2.

Meanwhile, the Tharu CA members today handed over a memorandum to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala at Baluwatar demanding that their concerns be addressed.

CA member Aman Lal Modi said CA member Gopal Dahit had questioned the PM whether the curfew was meant for Tharu people only or others as well. Dahit was referring to the incident of setting many houses of Tharus on fire during curfew in Tikapur and nearby areas.

Modi said the CA members demanded that the PM stop such activities immediately. He said they also expressed grief over the unfortunate incident that happened yesterday at Tikapur.