Status of mother, daughter swept away by flooded river still unknown

KHOTANG: The status a woman and her daughter, swept away by the local Tawa River in the border of Mattim and Ratanchha VDCs on July 4, is still unaccounted for.

Parimaya Rai (40) of Mattim-4 and her 12-year-old daughter Samita went missing as the flooded river swept away a temporary hut they were taking shelter in.

The mother and daughter were there to work at a paddy field near the river.

A rescue team accompanied by the staff of Disaster Management Team from the Capital carried out a weeklong search for the missing, but in vain, said Armed Police Force Halesi Batallion Chief Raju Pandey.

Chances of finding them alive are very slim, but we have not given up the search, District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee coordinator and Chief District Officer Govinda Sapkota said.