Statute amendment only way out: Paudel

Pokhara, December 10

Nepali Congress Vice President Ram Chandra Paudel today said that the new constitution had failed to address the grievances of the Madhesi community.

Speaking at a function organised in Kaski on Thursday, Paudel said Nepali Congress needs to take initiatives to address the concerns of the agitating Madhesi parties. “Madhesi people have felt that they have been discriminated against by the new constitution. Hence, amendment to the constitution is the only way to address the concerns of the Madhesi community,” he said.

Stating that Nepali Congress is the only party, which understands the concerns of all communities, he said that the government should now be led by the Nepali Congress to bail the country out of the current crisis.

On a different note, Paudel said the agitating Madhesi forces also need to give up their demand for a single Madhes province.

He was of the opinion it would be in the best interests of the country to make north-south delineation of provinces instead of separating Madhes from the rest of the country.

He also said that Nepal needs to maintain a good relationship with the southern neighbour as the country has been facing a humanitarian crisis as a result of the ongoing blockade at border checkpoints.

He also urged all to contribute to effective implementation of the new constitution. “Nepal’s constitution is better than that of India, England and other neighbouring countries,” he claimed.