‘Statute execution likely to fail’

Rajbiraj, March 26

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav today charged that Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Centre’s latest activities had increased the possibility of failure of the new statute.

Speaking at a condolence ceremony organised to pay respect to five persons killed during the CPN-UML’s Mechi-Mahakali campaign at Gajendranarayan Singh Industrial Area in Rajbiraj, Yadav alleged that hasty declaration of civic polls, disputes and racist

mentality of the three big parties had plunged statute execution into jeopardy.

Stating that state restructuring was the major agenda of Madhes agitation, Yadav held that major parties and the government’s deviation from this issue had put the constitution and federalism in a danger.

Yadav argued that the statute could not be implemented until the rights of Madhesis, minority groups, Dalits and marginalised people were guaranteed through statute amendment.

Yadav warned of waging a people’s revolt and scrapping the statute if people’s demands were not met through statute amendment in a peaceful manner.

Noting that the Madhes agitation would not stop with the killing of people, Yadav held that they were in favour of peaceful, non-violent agitation. “We are for a peaceful solution to the problem. But, the government is forcing us to carry arms,” he charged.

Yadav urged the major parties and the government to amend the statute and create a climate of the trust.

Yadav termed the local poll announced by the government a farce and conspiracy. He demanded that the government conduct either provincial or parliamentary polls to implement the statute. At the programme, many other speakers stressed the need of unity between Madhes-based parties.