Stench from bodies affecting locals

Kiranchak, November 5:

Stench emanating from decayed bodies of those killed in an unconfirmed clash between the Maoists and security forces in the jungles of Agra, Gogane and Dandakharka have affected locals of Kiranchowk and adjoining VDCs.

The clash reportedly took place on October 4 in the jungles along the Makwanpur-Kiranchowk VDC border of southern Dhading.

It was reported that a massive offensive was launched by security forces then and there were unconfirmed number of casualties on both the sides.

Though the incident was never confirmed by the army and the Maoists, the stench of decayed bodies from the jungles for the past one month say it all, according to a local youth at Kiranchowk.

Stating that the foul smell coming from the jungles is affecting their daily lives, the locals have appealed to human rights organisations, civic society and other individuals working in the medical field to find out the truth and take steps to get rid of the dead bodies.

Meanwhile, many people who had left the village after violence erupted between the Maoists and local residents have still not been able to return to their homes causing much distress to their families.

Family members said the festivals, too, didn’t bring any joy for them as the bread earners were not at home. According to human rights activists, after the locals’ Maoist-retaliation drive, altogether ten Maoists were killed by security forces and local residents. Maoists also killed three security personnel and one civilian during the same period.