Stone crusher plant operating illegally

Sindhulimadi, March 22

A stone crusher plant has been found operating illegally for years now in Dudbhanjyang of Sindhulimadi.

Though the crusher industry in Baksukhola, Dudbhanjyang-8 of the district, has been running for three years now, it hasn’t paid a single penny to the District Development Committee and Village Development Committee in revenue so far.

The local administration, however, has remained mum regarding the operation of the unauthorised plant for such long time.

The plant was earlier operated by Golden Construction Pvt Ltd and later handed over to Biruwa Construction Pvt Ltd.

Local Som Prasad Baral rued the concerned authority’s failure to crack down on the illegally run industry. “Though the matter falls under the jurisdiction of District Administration Office, the office has either neglected its responsibility or failed to do anything due to political influence,” he said.

He also talked about the impacts of the illegally run plant on local residents and a nearby primary school.

Local Development Officer Ishwor Giri said he was unaware about the illegally run plant and pledged to probe the matter.

“As I’ve been transferred here recently, I’ll learn about it and take necessary steps,” he said.

Chief District Officer Tara Bahadur Karki too denied any knowledge of the illegally run crusher industry and vowed to do the needful after investigation.