Stranded workers rescued amid Covid-19 lockdown

DOTI: As many as 300 workers who were stranded along Sahajpur-Bogatan road, as a result of lockdown imposed by the government over coronavirus crisis, have been rescued in Doti on Friday.

Federal lawmaker Prem Bahadur Ale initiated the rescue with Home Ministrys support, said lawmaker Ale's personal secretary Hemanta Regmi. "All the rescued workers have been safely sent to their home", he said.

Meanwhile, a report from Baitadi stated that as many as 186 stranded workers for four long days at the Indian border town of Jhulaghat have been rescued. They had come to Jhulaghat from various places in India on their way home in Baitadi, Bajhang and Dadeldhura districts of western Nepal, said chief of the District Health Office Baitadi, Yogesh Prasad Bhatta.

They have been handed over to the concerned local levels for keeping them in quarantine.