Strict law to monitor food quality in offing

Kathmandu, September 17

Minister for Supplies Deepak Bohara has said that a new law will be formulated against the sale of food stuff unfit for consumption and overcharging of goods.

Inaugurating the ‘price list banner’ of food stuff maintained by the Nepal Retailers’ Association at Ason in the wake of upcoming festivals, Minister Bohara said that a new law with a fine of between one million rupees to two million rupees and 10 years of imprisonment against those selling food stuff unfit for consumption and those overcharging on food products was being introduced.

“The existing law is insufficient. We are going to introduce a new, tougher law,” Minister Bohora said.

The supplies minister said that price hike during festivals will not be tolerated. He said, “Anybody found to hike prices will have stern action taken against them.”

Price of goods would be determined scientifically for price uniformity even after the festivals, added Minister Bohara.

Stating that small-scale business people have the most control in preventing price hike, he said that small-scale business people sustain the economy of the country.