Students clash with transport staff in Dharan

Dharan, July 21:

Fifteen students and two university teachers were injured in a clash in Dharan on Friday.

The clash occurred between students of Purwanchal Campus at Dharan-8 and transport workers after a bus was not stopped when the students asked the driver to stop. The driver stopped the bus two kilometres away from the desired stop — the college gate.

Protesting the act of the bus driver, students disrupted traffic on the street from 10:30 am. The students began with the pelting stones on the bus. The transport workers also descended on the scene. In the melee that followed. seven buses, a truck and a microbus were damaged.

Fifteen students were injured in the clash. Bus driver and a transport staffer were also hurt. Assistant campus chief Kuber Shrestha and chief of electronic department, Om Prakash Dhakal, who had gone for mediation, were also injured as transport workers pounced on them.

Some transport workers entered the college premises with khukuris and iron rods and vandalised the residential building of the teachers. All students and teachers were forced to stay inside the campus, as workers had gheraoed the campus threatening to kill students if they came out.

Police inspector at Area Police Office (Dharan), Bhim Dahal said the police had taken stalk of the situation.