Sub-metropolis executive officer thrashed in Janakpur

Janakpurdham, August 1

When Minister for Urban Development Prabhu Sah was inspecting development works in Janakpur, Executive Officer Arjun Prasad Subdei of Janakpur Sub-metropolitan City, who was accompanying the minister, was thrashed today.

When Minister Sah was monitoring the under-construction Integrated Urban Development Project in Janakpur Sub-metropolis, local youths manhandled Subedi at Murali Chowk.

Sah had inspected the project after locals complained that the project was delayed due to neglect on the part of the contractor.

After the inspection was done, Sah started issuing directives to the contractor and staffers. At the time, Subedi was in his vehicle using his mobile phone. Local youths asked Subedi to accompany Minister Sah and take stock of the situation, but Subedi refused saying that it was not his responsibility.

Irate youths then dragged Subedi out of the vehicle and manhandled him.

Local youths were angry as Subedi was sitting in the vehicle and ignoring the minister. The youths tore Subedi’s clothes.

The project is being constructed under the coordination of the sub-metropolis.

Police took the minister away from the incident site as the situation became tense.

Minister Sah commented that non-cooperation from the electricity department, telecom and drinking water office had delayed the project. “I have information that lack of coordination among different agencies has affected the project,” he added. He said that he had directed the offices concerned to coordinate with each other and settle the problems to speed up construction work.