Sujata wants 1990 statute revived

Kathmandu, November 17:

Nepali Congress (NC) central member Sujata Koirala today suggested for a revival of the already dead constitution of 1990 minus the rights and powers of the king to give a way out to the current political impasse.

Sujata said the Maoists should be included and king’s powers should be cut in such a revived constitution. Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters’ Club, Sujata, the daughter of PM Girija Prasad Koirala, accused the Maoists of trying to push the NC into an ambush, She said “The NC cannot be a puppet at the hand of Maoists.”

Saying that the seven-party unity must not break in any way, Sujata reiterated that her party was not in favour of declaring the country a republic from the parliament.

Criticising Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula, Sujata said it was Sitaula and his friends who built contacts with the Maoists and he should take responsibility for the current deadlock. Accusing Sitaula of being a failure on all fronts, Sujata said, “Sitaula has put both the NC and the country into an ambush.”

CPN-UML leader Pradeep Gyawali, suggested both the NC and the Maoists to be flexible to end the deadlock. “Neither a parallel government from the streets nor a revival of 1990 constitution will give a way out to the current impasse,” Gyawali said.

He suggested that only a new constitution written after CA polls can resolve the crises facing the nation. “A solution has to be sought from among the seven parties and CA elections,” he added. Gyawali, however, said the government should implement and respect the decision of the parliament.

He said that UML’s priority now is holding CA elections at the earliest, not a change in the government leadership.

Maoist leader Barsa Man Pun aka Ananta said his party would be compelled to go for an “alternative parliament” by involving like-minded parties and civil society members, if the House directives on republic and all-out proportional electoral system were not implemented. He however said his party has been making continuous efforts to reach a consensus among the parties.

Minister of Health and Population, Giriraj Mani Pokhrel said he is hopeful that PM Girija Prasad Koirala will give a “go-ahead” for the implementation of the proposals on republic and fully proportional electoral system passed by the special session of the interim parliament.

“I am hopeful that the government will implement them,” he said, adding, “The parliament’s decision must be respected.”