Jajarkot, April 6

A grave mistake on the part of a superintendent at the ongoing School Leaving Certificate examination at Narayani Higher Secondary test centre in Karkigaun, Jajarkot, is likely to ruin an examinee’s test.

Superintendent Ganesh Basnet played with the future of SLC candidate Hira Nepali as he he replaced the symbol on her answer sheet and control sheet with someone else’s symbol number. Examinee Nepali accused Basnet of replacing her symbol number with another’s in her answer sheet and control sheet.

Nepali is appearing for the SLC from Saraswoti Secondary School of Punma VDC. Her symbol number is 0641255 Q.  “Basnet has been replacing my symbol number with Sabin Chand’s symbol number 0641254 P. Chand has not appeared for any exam till date,” Nepali said. She said that she came to know about whatBasnet had been doing  when he replaced her symbol number while she was writing the Math exam yesterday. “He has been doing this from the first day of the exam,” Nepali added.

Superintendent Basnet’s negligence has caused Nepali a lot of stress. She demanded punishment for Basnet for playing with her future. “I appeal to have my own symbol number in my answer sheet,” Nepali demanded.

Basnet admitted his mistake. “I did not do it deliberately. I happened to make mistake while arranging the answer sheets serially,” Basnet added. “I shall send a request to the Office of the Examination Controller in Sanothimi to retain her symbol number in her answer sheet,” Basnet pledged.

Anish Shah, focal person at DEO Jajarkot, called it gross negligence to replace the right symbol number written by the examinee. “If the exam centre sends the details with a request to retain the candidate’s symbol number, a solution may be found. There is no other option,” Shah said.