Surkhet candidates lure voters with province capital agenda

Surkhet, November 16

Making Surkhet district the provincial capital of Province 6 has become the core election agenda of major political parties for the upcoming elections.

Parliamentary and provincial candidates from the main parties in the district have floated the same agenda.

Left alliance provincial candidate in Constituency No 2 ‘Ka’ Yam Lal Kandel in his commitment letter stated that Surkhet would be made the provincial capital of Province 6. It mentioned the district had the required infrastructure to be made the province capital.

Nepali Congress candidate in the constituency-2 Hridayaram Thani said voters in the district wanted to see Surkhet as the provincial capital.

Earlier in the local level polls, the candidates had promised voters development activities along with social reforms. However, this time, the agenda of making Surkhet the provincial capital has overshadowed other agendas.

The candidates also have lured voters with different development projects but it is said voters have become more critical of false promises and can now judge capable candidates and viable projects for themselves.