Surveillance room established at Trinagar customs point as preventive measure

Dhangadi, March 18

As part of its precaution against the spread of COVID-19, a surveillance room has been set up at Trinagar Customs Point in Dhangadi of Kailali district.

A surveillance room with necessary beds, health workers and medicines was established at the newly-built building. Three beds have been managed in the room. “More beds will be added as needed,” said Mayor Nrip Bahadur Wad of Dhangadi sub-metropolis. “We have deployed health workers round-the-clock at the surveillance room,”  Wad said, adding, “We have also kept equipment and necessary medicines for people suspected to have contracted coronavirus.”

An ambulance has been kept on standby in front of the surveillance room.

A meeting of stakeholders was organised in Dhangadi sub-metropolis to take precaution and adopt preparedness against COVID-19 today. The meeting has taken a host of decisions in a bid to fight the virus. As part of the decision, plastic water tanks will be put on the roadside to wash hands, pamphlets will be distributed to raise awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic and health desks will be set up at the centres of Secondary Education Examination.

Bankers’ Club Kailali Chairman Dharma Bista said his club would coordinate with the local levels to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.