Survey to build 108 feet tall Ved Vyasa statue starts in Damauli

Damauli, July 30

A team of three engineers has started topography survey to construct a 108 feet tall statue of Maharshi Ved Vyasa on the premises of Shiv Panchayan Temple in Damauli, Tanahun.

Canadian engineer Harrison and Civil engineers Rana Bahadur Limbu and Hari Basnet have started survey work with the initiative from Vyasa Area Development Committee.

In the first phase, the team started an interaction with stakeholders, according to Vyasa Area Development Fund member Devi Bahadur Basnet.

The master plan includes a 108 feet tall statue, Vyasa gram, complete life story of Vyasa, small idols, Buddhist library, shopping complex, and picnic spot.

The master plan is being prepared for 150 ropani land.

Engineer Limbu said that design would protect important historical objects. “In the first phase, we will study land and objects,” Basnet said.  In the second phase, the team will conduct soil test and prepare the design of the statue’s inner part. “We shall finalise the final report in nine months and start construction,” Basnet added.

Vyasa Area Development Fund Chairman Ashok Kumar Shrestha said they had started work to identify the land of Ved Vyasa and promote tourism. The project is estimated to cost Rs 280 million.