Sushil against PLA merger with Nepal Army

Bardiya, December 4:

Nepali Congress acting president Sushil Koirala today said the People’s Liberation Army combatants should not be adjusted with the Nepal Army at any cost.

Speaking at a programme organised in Sanoshree in the district today, Koirala said the combatants should be adjusted with other security agencies but not with the national army. “They can be merged into industrial security force, border security force, armed police and civilian police. But the NC will never let the PLA fighters merge with the Nepal Army. If that happens NC won’t remain silent,” Koirala added.

He also claimed that none of the previous agreements mentioned that the PLA fighters would be merged with the NA.

“The Maoists have breached the code of conduct by not returning the seized land and property to their rightful owners,” Koirala added.