Rajbiraj, December 2:

Vice-president of the Nepali Congress, Sushil Koirala today urged the Maoists to stop their atrocities and create a sense of guarantee of peace in the country.

Inaugurating a special convention of the Nepal Trade Union Congress in Lahan, Koirala said: “Though the Maoists have expressed their commitment to the 12-point pact, they are not handing back seized land and houses. They are also still recruiting youths in their army.” He emphasized that the Maoists would have to win the peoples’ hearts.

Nepali Congress general secretary Ram Chandra Poudel said: “It is time for the Maoists to fear the people rather than the people fearing the Maoists.”

Poudel accused CPN (UML) general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal of speaking thoughtlessly without considering the present sensitive condition of the country.

“Such utterances will have an adverse impact on the establishment of peace in the country,” said Poudel.

“The government led by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala had brought about change in the country by holding talks with the Maoists. It is also doing its homework to include the Maoists in the government after managing their weapons. So, why is the CPN (UML) in such in a hurry?” asked Poudel.

Meanwhile, a RSS report from Lahan said welcoming the comprehensive peace agreement reached between the government and the CPN-Maoist, four different trade union federations here today issued a 10-point declaration with the objective of assisting the peace building and re-structuring of the state in the country.

According to the declaration, the federations will also assist one another and contribute to establishment of lasting peace. They have also pledged to promote the ILO points of respected work, attract domestic and foreign investment, promote labourers’ rights and enforce all related conventions.