Sushil Koirala warns of govt’s imminent collapse

Nepalgunj, October 11:

Acting president of the Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala said today that the government will collapse because of the Maoisxts’ unpredictable behaviour.

Speaking at a face-to-face programme and tea reception hosted by the Press Union Banke today, he said the NC had no plan to topple the government. The NC will not be a part of this coalition government, he said, claiming that the Maoists themselves will pull down this government.

Members of the ruling party have begun carrying weapons citing insecurity and non-implementation of agreements, he said, adding, “The Maoists themselves are not serious about the management of cantoned PLA soldiers,” the NC acting president Koirala claimed, adding, “Since the nation has the national army, it does not need Maoist PLA soldiers.”

The Maoist leadership aspires to impose the people’s republic, he said, adding that his party will fight against this aspiration. Accusing the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) of favouring the Maoists, he urged it to work for the cause of Maoists’ victims.

Koirala said his party would never compromise with anybody at the cost of press freedom and democracy. He arrived here after visiting flood-ravaged areas in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. Koirala also drew the attention of the government towards pitiable plight of flood victims.

President of the Press Union Samir Jung Shah demanded that the government guarantee press freedom in the preamble of the constitution, ensure security for mediapersons and implement the Working Journalists’ Act.