Sushil warns against attacking democracy

Nepalgunj, April 6:

Nepali Congress acting president Sushil Koirala today said that the constituent assembly election will bring to an end the political careers of those who are attacking democracy.

Releasing a book entitled Janata Uthepachhi written by journalist Jaya Narayan Shah here, he said: “Politics of those trying to rule by creating fear and terror will end and an era of ideology will emerge after the CA election.”

“CA election is an important opportunity to institutionalise and strengthen democracy,” he said, adding: “Now, it’s youth’s turn to draft a new constitution.”

“Democracy will strengthen and future generations will fare better after the polls,” he said while urging all to work together to make the CA polls a success. “We should go ahead to form a new Nepal,” he said.

He added it was necessary to end undesired activities of the Young Communist League for formation of a new Nepal.

He asked the armed groups in the Tarai to end violent activities and be involved in the election.

“Any force trying to disrupt the election will be eliminated,” he said.