Sutali bomb goes off, injuring two in Chitwan

CHITWAN: Two persons in Chitwan have sustained injuries after a sutali bomb hidden in tree hollow exploded, while chopping the tree on Thursday afternoon.

The injured have been identified as Prem Bahadur Praja (25) and his nine-year-old son Sujan.

Police said Prem is in critical condition and his son has sustained minor injuries.

The incident took place near Sisneri-based Damar jungle while Prem was chopping the tree. All of a sudden, the sutali bomb hidden in the hollow of tree exploded injuring both father and son.

Praja’s left palm has been damaged and he sustained deep wounds in various other parts of the body, said police.

Locals carried the injured man on foot for three hours to the nearest road and reached a Bharatpur-based hospital in the evening for treatment, said police.

The family is planning to take Sujan, who was hurt after being hit by bullet shrapnel, for treatment tomorrow.

Chitwan District Police Office SP Basanta Bahadur Kunwar said a police team would be deployed on Friday to the incident site.