Swine flu terror

DAMAULI: The death of a man due to swine flu has unleashed terror among locals in Tanahun. Yusuf Miya, 41, from Dangrekholsi, Byas municipality died of swine flu while undergoing treatment at TU Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, last Friday. Miya, suffering from fever and common cold, was referred to the hospital after he could not be treated at Manipal Teaching Hospital, Pokhara and Grandy International Hospital, Kathmandu. Yusuf’s death has caused panic among the locals. Ranjan Shrestha from Byas said people started wearing masks to protect themselves from swine flu after Yusuf’s death. District Public Health Office Tanahun Chief Dr Pawanjung Raymajhi said his office was looking into Yusuf’s death. He added that if the swine flu was verified through the medical report, his office would work to take precautionary measures against the flu.