Take arms issue seriously: Rana

BHOTECHAUR: RPP chairman Pashupati SJB Rana has asked the government to be “serious” on the issue of arms management. Addressing partymen and locals during the foundation stone-laying ceremony of a building of Saraswati High School in Bhotechaur on Saturday, Rana said elections to a constituent assembly should be conducted in a free and secure environment. “Arms should be separated from the Maoists,” Rana said.

The building is being constructed with financial assistance from India. Meanwhile, CPN-UML leader Yuvraj Gyawali on Saturday said ongoing talks between the Maoists and seven parties were unlikely to reach a positive conclusion because the Maoists’ are too besotted with their weapons while the NC revels in kowtowing to the idea of monarchy.

He was addressing a press meet at Bijuwar, Pyuthan. He said talks would be successful only when the Maoists agree to arms management and the NC adjusts its stance on monarchy.

Stating that the politics of peace and a democratic republic sans monarchy are the nation’s real necessities, Gyawali said: “NC should make up its mind. It should agree either to a republic or a constituent assembly.”

He alleged that more than the Maoists it was the NC which was responsible for stretching the summit talks process ad infinitum. Gyawali said: “CA elections should be held after the management of arms of both the Maoists the Nepali Army under UN supervision.”