Taking exams even after passing SLC

Himalayan News Service

Jhapa, April 1:

Everyone wishes to achieve more that what is at dispense, it’s humane. But what if a student appears on the same examination for years to pass in better division, would it not sound unusual?

This is exactly what one Pushpa Acharya did. She sat for the SLC examination for the first time in 2058 but failed and later passed the exams in supplementary examination. Dissatisfied with the results she again sat for SLC in 2059 and then passed in second division but still she was not satisfied and for the fourth time she sat for the examination with the hope to pass in the first division. But this time, on the fourth day of the SLC examination yesterday, the district education office, Jhapa restricted Pushpa, with symbol number 0046402 ‘R’, from sitting for papers.

Tej Nath Bhandari, an officer at the DEO Jhapa, however, clarified that there is no legal action to be taken against examinees like Pushpa who appear in the exams for more than once.

Meanwhile, the DEO Jhapa has also restricted Keshav Bhattarai from sitting for papers in the SLC examination for two years, for sending his brother to attend the examinations in his place.

An inviligator found, on the fourth day of the exams yesterday, that it was not Keshav but his younger brother Prakash Bhattarai of Chandragadhi who was writing the papers for his brother, said Bhandari the officer at DEO.

Keshav with symbol number 1041163 ‘R’ was supposed to appear for the examinations under the exempted group.

Disabled take test

Palpa: Four SLC examinees have proved that blindness can be no obstacle to those who want to pursue their studies. The inner light and burning desires are enough to guide them. Jhapindra Rana, Anita Sharma, Prakash Khanal and Nirmala Pande, who are taking the SLC exams at the Damkanda School centre in Palpa, are trail-blazers in their own rights. After mastering Braille alphabets, they were enrolled in Class five at the Damkanda school. — HNS