Kathmandu, June 24 Sadbhawana Party Chair Rajendra Mahato on Friday said the United Democratic Madhesi Front was ready to hold talks with the government if the latter prepared the environment for dialogue. Speaking at a press conference organised by the party here today, Mahato said the UDMF could not decline the talks offer because five dozen people had sacrificed their lives during the Madhes movement under its banner and that it was recognised at home and abroad for the political cause it was championing. Mahato also said that if the UDMF held talks with the government over constitutional issues, it would also raise the 26-point demand put forth by the Federal Alliance. Mahato, however, said the FA’s ongoing agitation had not been effective and the alliance must carry out effective protest programmes to force the government to invite it for talks. Mahato said his party respecting the Madhesi peoples’ sentiment of creating a single strong Madhesi party was taking the lead to unify like-minded parties. “We have issued an appeal today and we will hold talks with other like-minded parties, including the Tarai Madhes Democratic Party, for unity,” Mahato added. Meanwhile, SP issued a press release here today urging the government to address the demands of the agitating Madhesi forces, taking advantage of the favourable situation created by the UDMF’s decision to change the form of its agitation. “But if the government dilly dallies in addressing the demands of the agitating forces, the state will have to face a huge loss,” the party said in its release. The party said in the release that resorting to agitation against the ‘discriminatory constitution was a compulsion for the Madhesi people. The party claimed that it was gaining popularity in Madhes for the commendable role it played during the Madhes movement. The SP said the current movement against the constitution was a final battle for political rights and the party had agreed to change the form of protests in order to conserve its energy for fiercer protests. The party warned that if the Madhesi forces that were agitating under the banner of the Federal Alliance in Kathmandu had to return to Madhes empty handed, the situation might not remain normal. SP said the agitating forces held talks with the government 36 times during the Madhes movement but the government never acted seriously to address their demands. The party said the UDMF also made a mistake in holding talks with the government, which was using talks as a ploy to sabotage the Madhes movement. “We are therefore in favour of a meaningful dialogue,” he added. The party said the UDMF had already written to the government about resuming dialogue, yet the government had not sent any response thereafter. The SP also urged the government to prepare the environment for talks. SP said the agitating Madhesi forces had created Federal Alliance in order to bind other oppressed communities to intensify their fight for rights. The party also highlighted the need for psychological and emotional unity between Madhesis, Tharus, Dalits, Muslims, OBCs and Pahadis of Madhes.