Tallest flag to be hoisted in Tanahun

Damauli, January 6

Byash Municipal Youth Club Network is set to hoist the tallest flag of Nepal at the tourist destination Manung Danda of Tanahun.

The club is preparing to hoist the flag at Manung Danda on the first day of the Nepali New Year. Club network Chairman Gaurab Panth said the flag set to be raised at the Danda would be 45 feet long and the mast used for raising the flag would be 72 feet tall. The flag raising is estimated to cost Rs 1.9 million. The network will mange the fund from the locals to raise the flag.

The flag raised at Maitighar Mandala of Kathmandu is considered to be the tallest flag of Nepal. The flag is ten metres long and 7 metres wide.

Byash Municipality Chief Baikuntha Neupane said the municipality was ready to lend support to the flag hoisting. “The raising of the flag will help promote tourism and help identify Nepal in the international sphere. Thus, the municipality is ever ready to lend helping hands for its success,” he added.