Tamsaling, govt talks end positively

KATHMANDU: The first round of talks held between the government talks team and Tamsaling Joint Struggle Committee (TTSC) ended inconclusively today. Both the sides, however, said the negotiation ended on a positive note.

Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Rakam Chemjong, who is also the leader of the government talks team, told journalists that they reviewed progresses made so far on the implementation of the 19-point agreement reached between the government and the TTSC in April.

Chemjong said that most of the demands were associated with development and others with the government policies. The talks will also take place on July 29.

Parshuram Tamang, one of the members of TTSC talks team, said that they could not reach a final agreement after the government talks team sought time to do homework. He said that their agitation would continue simultaneously along with the parleys.

One of the major demands of the TTSC is to convert the Logistics Support Gan, where most of the personnel are recruited from the Tamang community, into a full-fledged entity of the Nepali Army. The previous Pipa Goshwara was re-named as the Logistics Support Gan whose job is to transport goods for the NA personnel.