Tanahun hospitals overwhelmed by patients

Damauli, July 28

Tanahun has lately seen a surge in patients of viral fever, with hundreds of locals suffering from the disease for the past few days.

Two state-owned and other private hospitals in the district have been crowded with a large number of viral and typhoid patients of late.

According to Dr Anil Giri at the District Hospital, more than 200 patients have visited the health facility on a daily basis for the past few days. Around 50 to 60 patients visit the emergency ward of the hospital every day.

“We have no option but to discharge patients early due to lack of hospital beds. Many patients visit our health facility only after they don’t feel better after treatment at other health facilities,” said doctor Giri.

District Public Health Chief Dr Pawan Jung Raymahji said they have advised patients to eat plain rice, pulses, boiled water, and to not have oily, spicy, hot, and cold items.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the National Apollo Hospital Chudamani Dahal said more than 60 fever and typhoid patients visited the health facility today alone.

“The number of seasonal patients has massively gone up in the past few days in the district,” said Dahal.