Tanahun Hydro Power Project is preparing to provide compensation to locals affected by transmission lines.

Tanahun Hydro Power Project Chief Achyut Ghimire said the project was set to distribute Rs 13.1 million in compensation to the transmission line-affected locals. "We have fixed the compensation keeping in mind the recommendation of Land Revenue Office, Land Survey Office and locals' demand," said Ghimire.

According to the project, the reparation will be distributed to locals for the seizure of 23 ropani and five anna land. Under the phase III transmission line, work on 26 foundations has been completed. "Preparations are under way to construct towers," added Ghimire. The power generated from the hydro power will be evacuated to the national transmission line from Bharatpur's sub-station.

The government has accorded priority to this project as it can generate 140-megawatt power throughout the year. Asian Development Bank, JICA, EU, the Nepal government and Nepal Electricity Authority have funded construction of second largest reservoir type project in the district.

A version of this article appears in the print on August 15 2021, of The Himalayan Times.