TANAHUN: With Dashain around the corner, commercial activities in Tanahun’s Damauli, Dumre, Aanbukhaireni, Dulegauda, Khairenitar, Bandipur and Turture have increased.

Markets have turned lively from today, the delighted businessmen said. Salarymen have been thronging to the marketplace. “Number of customers purchasing clothes has increased,” businessmen said.

“All of a sudden, a lot of people are on the move from today,” Buddhiman Shrestha, proprietor of Shriram Bastralaya in Byas-2 said. “I have been selling spices worth Rs 15,000 everyday during this festive season,” Sunil Thakur, a businessman said. Ramesh Ghimire, proprietor of Puspanjali Grocery Shop is equally delighted as there is a huge crowd to purchase essentials like sugar, lentil, rice and cooking oil.

However, customers complained of dearer price this year. Meanwhile, Tanahun Chamber of Commerce and Industries and Damauli Market Unit in have taken initiatives for a fair price market.

“We have been selling sugar at reduced price of 56 per kg after bringing 110 quintals of sugar from Salt Trading Corporation,” Buddhiman Shrestha, president of Damauli Bazaar Unit said.