Tanahun water project in crisis

Nirbudada , November 2:

Due to the high tariff of electricity, the Nirbubarahkhola Drinking Water Project (NDWP) at ward no. 3 of Byas municipality of Tanahun district is almost on the verge of closure.

As the poor locals are unable to pay the high electricity tariff, the NDWP faces imminent closure.

More than 52 families rely on the NDWP and most of them have stopped being able to use the drinking water due to high electricity tariff.

The NDWP was established four years back with an investment of Rs 11 lakh, including Rs 7 lakh from the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Development Fund Committee and the rest from public grant, said Samudra Goddar of Pharak Chwok-based Samajsewa Samuh.

With the purpose of making the locals free from the tension of having to carry jars of drinking water almost daily, the Drinking Water Project was started.

The locals cannot afford such costly drinking water, said Khadak Bahadur Adhikari, former ward chairman.

According to the officials of consumers’ committee, despite their request to the municipality to pay for half of the electric tariff, the municipal administration hasn’t responded.