Tara Air’s test flight in Bhojpur airport

BHOJPUR: Tara Air on Wednesday conducted the first test flight at Taksar airport in Bhojpur after it was upgraded today seven months after it was closed for upgradation.

Tara Air made the first flight to the airport with nine passengers on board.

Civil Aviation Office, Bhojpur said that the airport was reopened as upgradation work was over and only black topping of the runway remained. The airport runway is scheduled to be black-topped in September.

Tara Air said that regular flight would be made to and from the airport from tomorrow since the test flight was successful.

Somesh Thapa, Chief of Nepal Civil Aviation Office, Bhojpur, said that Nepal Airlines was also preparing to make flights to the airport soon. Earlier, Nepal Airlines used to fly to and from Biratnagar and Kathmandu to the airport. Tara Airlines also used to fly to and from Kathmandu to the airport.

The 545-metre long and 20-metre wide airport is being upgraded at a cost of Rs 50 million provided by Kalika Pacific Company. Dhirendra Shrestha said that everything was over except black-topping.