Tarai party gets set for conventions

Rajbiraj, October 13:

Both illegitimate: Mandal

Senior vice chairman of Nepal Sadbhawana Party-Anandidevi (NSP-A) Khusilal Mandal today claimed that the conventions of the party, which two are being organised by two separate factions led by Sarita Giri and Shyam Sundar Gupta, were both illegitimate.

“The convention which Giri is organising in Lahan on October 17-19 and Gupta in Bhairahawa on October 19-21 are against the party statute and legal norms,” Mandal told a press conference organised here today. Mandal also said the conventions said to be organised by Giri and Gupta, both of whom “have already expelled by the party”, would be illegitimate.

Urging people and disciplined party cadres not to attend such illegal conventions, Mandal also asked all political parties and organisations not to recognise both the conventions and help maintain democratic norms and values in the country.

Mandal accused Gupta of trying to capture the party by abducting chairperson Anandidevi Singh with the help of Yaswant Singh on May 5 and become a CA member. He charged Giri with announcing herself as party general secretary on August 1 after abducting chairperson Singh, again with the help of Yaswant Singh. Mandal also said that a writ in connection with Singh’s abduction by Gupta was still under consideration in the Supreme Court.

Saying that the party cannot be reshuffled without the consultation with senior vice chairman as per the party statute, Mandal said both Giri and Gupta violated the Clause 16-b of the statute.

Mandal also said that the national working committee of the party held on April 29-30 had announced to hold its convention in Janakpur on November 11-13.