Tarai protests have no any essence, argues PM Oli

DHANGADHI: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said protests ongoing in the Tarai districts did not have any significance.

Addressing a mass meeting of his party CPN-UML in Attariya of Kailali district today, Oli said the Constitution already ensured rights of Madhesis and hence, the protests were unnecessary.

Some leaders dissatisfied with assurance of those rights in the statute waged the protests, he said.

"There is dishonesty in the name of Madhesi people," Oli asked, "what is the protest for?"

"The schools are closed in the Madhes, but children of the protesting leaders study in Delhi and Dehradun," he added, "They ride cars but torch ambulances carrying patients from the Madhes."

Claiming that the leaders are actually working against people of Madhes, Oli said they could always express their differences through a set system.

As the Constitution is ever amendable, everything can be corrected anytime, he added.

The leader said the government would move ahead following related laws if the ongoing talks with the protesters could not solve the current crisis.

The UML Chairman urged all for their support in implementation of the new national charter.

Deputy Prime Minister and UML Vice-Chairman Bhim Rawal said review on boundaries of provinces as demanded by protesting Madhes-based parties was immediately impossible.

UML leaders and cadres from nine districts of the Far-West Region had attended the mass assembly.