Tarun Dal (D) says monarchy unacceptable

Narayangarh, June 27:

Chairman of the Nepali Congress-D-affiliated Nepal Tarun Dal, Bal Krishna Khand, today said monarchy was not acceptable. Khand was addressing a press conference organised by the Tarun Dal in Chitwan to shed light on the preparations for the Dal’s third convention.

Saying that the unification of the two Congresses was not happening because of the NC’s failure to take a clear stand on monarchy, he said, “Monarchy in any form is not acceptable to us.

We cannot compromise on that.” The third convention of the Tarun Dal will kick off in Chitwan on July 16 and will last till July 18, with slogans for a constituent assembly poll, multiparty democratic republic system, youth awareness on rights, pride and employment. Preparations for the convention are now in the final stages. The third convention will be attended by 608 representatives and 400 observers from all over the country.