Task force report on Manipal blames both admin and docs

Pokhara, April 26

A task force formed to investigate the non-cooperation of Manipal Medical College in the treatment of the injured of Kagbeni road accident has submitted its preliminary report to Health Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa.

According to task force coordinator Dr Bholaram Shrestha, the report was submitted after two days of study. “We talked with both the Manipal administration and doctors to prepare the report,” said Shrestha, adding, “As for the report, it holds the college administration responsible for the incident, whereas there is also the suggestion that it’s unbecoming of doctors to take to agitation again and again.”

As to what will follow after the report, Shrestha further said the health secretary will do the needful following consultation with legal eagles. “Rather than taking action at once, we will alert the hospital so that no other hospital in future repeats such incident,” said Shrestha, also the chief of Medical Service Division under the health ministry.

The three-member task force that had arrived in Pokhara on Monday had started its business by handing a letter seeking clarification issued by the health ministry to the concerned hospital. The task force also included Nepal Medical Council member Dr Dhundiraj Poudel and Health Ministry Under-Secretary Bhawanath Khatiwada.

“It was learnt that after the Manipal hospital refused to treat the injured, the latter were taken to other hospitals in ambulance. The incident also showed irresponsibility of the agitating doctors,” said Poudel. “It’s unbecoming of doctors to disrupt services. If doctors strike like this by totally disrupting services, it is a violation of their professional code of conduct, hence it might entail action,” he added.

The health ministry on Sunday had formed the task force after Manipal Medical College of Pokhara refused to admit the injured of the Kagbeni accident on Saturday.