Teacher files sexual abuse case against principal


At a time when the country is observing the 16-day campaign against gender violence, a case of sexual abuse has been reported in Kapilvastu.

In connection with the sexual abuse of a schoolteacher at the hands of the school principal, the victim filed a case with the district court of Kapilvastu. According to the victim, she was compelled to seek legal action against the abusive principal Amit Kumar Agrahari as she was fed up with his repeated unwelcome advances.

Further, the victim also complained about the pressure and threats she and her family have received from the perpetrator. In the face of threats and mental torture, the victim’s side has also filed an application with the District Administration Office seeking security of their lives.

Local Satya Narayan lamented the violence against a woman at a time when the country was observing the 16-day campaign.

Meanwhile, Kapilvastu has witnessed 17 rape cases, eight cases of attempted rape and six polygamy cases this fiscal year.