Where teachers find excuses not to take class

Rajbiraj, June 7

Teachers of Janata Lower Secondary School in Kusaha VDC, Saptari appear to be on the lookout for a reason, however trivial, to not take classes.

Head Teacher of the school Shankar Prasad Chaudhary said teachers don’t come to classes even if it rains.

“Many students have to travel long distance to attend classes, but the teachers have a very lax attitude towards teaching. They don’t show up to teach and make up any excuse for that,” he said.

A student’s guardian in Tikuliya said the school has in the past been closed even when there is a wedding in the locality. Holidays are suddenly declared at the whim of the head teacher, even when it is not mentioned in the school calendar.

Parents lament that this has deprived students of quality education.

Meanwhile, District Child Club Networks organised a conference to promote education standards in Saptari, where the quality of education remains deplorable.

Chairman of the network Amar Yadav said that the students drop out of schools because of the lack of quality education.